We believe that without fear there is no creativity. When artists push past fear to express something raw and real, they create breakthrough work—a new sound, a new style, a new statement—that empowers and excites their audience.


Pink Sweat$ is known for fearlessly expressing himself. Pabst Blue Ribbon Sound Society went on a first-hand journey with Pink and created an immersive live experience to share with fans the importance of being truly fearless. Watch as Pink Sweat$ gives us a deeper look at his powerful and personal story of overcoming fear and how this led to him discovering his true creative self.

THE FEARLESS EXPERIENCE provides a platform to take that further than ever before. Pabst Blue Ribbon Sound Society is going to take a deeper look at fear in order to enable and inspire creativity in everyone.

This Summer Sound Society will celebrate fearless artists across America, seeking out alternative venues, partnering with unique local crews and commissioning innovative creatives to produce exclusive pop-up events that get fans up-close and personal with artists who have something to say.

Introducing the 2019 Sound Society Can

The 2019 Sound Society Can was created by talented artist Nick Wagner and will be available all summer long. @nhwdesign