Drink Beer, Help Artists

Pabst Blue Ribbon Sound Society is proud to announce the emerging artists supported by our 2018 retail campaign “Drink Beer, Help Artists”. For every case of Pabst Blue Ribbon sold, we donated one minute of studio time to each local artist that joined us on stage for our Sound Society Tour. Check them out below,  we’re excited to support each talent on their musical journey.


Singer, songwriter and visual artist, BOSCO is one of most influential artists to come out of Atlanta in recent time...

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MAARQUII: a high femme multi-disciplinary artists who raps, sings, dances and is the embodiment of the proverbial “triple threat.”

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GAVLYN is a Latin American female Hip Hop artist born and raised in San Fernando Valley, California. Lower middle class...

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A few words used to describe JCMC the live project of Carl Carrell known as DJ and Producer CRL CRRLL.

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Tele Novella

Tele Novella is an inspired macabre-pop band out of Austin, TX. They are dreamy, they are spooky, and they write...

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