From : September 2015 to June 2016. 5 art shows : Escapist / Kansas city (September 2015) Shut / NYC (November 2015) FTC / SF (January 2016) The Boardr / Tampa (March 2016) The Berrics / L.A (June 2016) A unique collaboration between : 10 photographers (Aaron Smith, Ben Colen, Brian Gaberman, David Broach, Sam Muller, Dave Swift, Jon Coulthard, Marcel Veldman, Jake Darwen, Ryan Allan). 10 artists (Jacob Ovgren, Jimbo Phillips, Kyle Platts, Ricardo Cavolo, Sam Taylor, Jamie Browne, Mr Penfold, Lucas Beaufort, Mike Murdock, Meka). For This new edition we will support Harold Hunter Foundation ( We will organize an auction at The Berrics to raise money for the foundation. See attached images to use for Insta / FB Instagram : @the_lbproject Facebook : The LB Project (2nd edition) lb-project-US-locations lb-project-photographers lb-project-US-artists