The Inaugural National Mural Day

We started a holiday

May 7th, 2019 marked the inaugural National Mural Day, a celebration of the world’s oldest and most public visual art form. Murals are the most accessible form of art and we want to help bring them to communities across the nation.  We partnered with Cey Adams to help launch this initiative and put up 17 murals across the nation this year. 

Check them out: 

Los Angeles, CA – Lauren YS 

Nashville, TN – Adam TheKid, Wakitsch, Milt Chavez  + Jason Galaz 

Austin, TX – Adrian Landon Brooks, Tara Johnston + Miles Stark 

Charlotte, NC – Arko83 + Owl 

New York City, NY – Cey Adams 

Washington, DC – Christian Peterson

Atlanta, GA – Cousin Dan 

Portland, OR – Forest Wolf Kell

Detroit, MI – Freddy Diaz + DeMaciiio 

Philadelphia, PA – Lauren West 

Sacramento, CA – Leaveswell 

Charleston, SC – S E V E N

Seattle, WA – Ten Hundred 

Las Vegas, NV – Trenton Larson + ISI Group 

Denver, CO – Kaitlin Ziesmer 

Colombus, OH – Matt Massara