It’s time for a different kind of Sexpot Comedy show. It’s time to bring in a supergroup not seen since the days of Damn Yankees. Of course I’m speaking of LA comedy Darling’s WOMEN comedy and, to be clear, Allen Strickland Williams is Ted Nugent in this Damn Yankees metaphor. That’s going to upset the other guys, but that is the very nature of creativity. Not everyone gets to be compared to a neoconservative, paranoid guitar legend. Not everyone does. Here’s the deal, WOMEN is the shit. They churn videos (SUBSCRIBE TO THEIR YOUTUBE PAGE NOW to see Pat Bishop’s direction in action), they rule live shows (see Dave Ross’ now defunct but notorious LA show HOLY FUCK!), and they shred on social media (see Jake Weisman telling everyone to kill themselves all the time.) We here at Sexpot are bringing these gents out together, because they’ve all come individually at various times, but never traveled here in a comedy phalanx with locked arms, legs and wangs. This time…we’ve got all the WOMEN. And they’re all dudes. And they’re all hysterical. Dave Ross is touring the country now to bone up for this show. ASW is writing ridiculous VICE pieces you should read. Jake Weisman is basically just doing cat stuff. Pat Bishop is sort of doing what he always does and just processing why he works with the other 3 on the edge of an insane bender that’s as inevitable as the destruction of our earth by human artifice. Bottom line is this…this show is for the comedy sommelier. For someone who just saw this event page and was like…HOLY SHIT. THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME. That comedy nerd knows. Now you can too. You can learn what’s cool. Like when you had a denim jacket without anything fastened to it with a hot glue gun. Vice likes this shit… See you at the show, it’s going to feel SOOOOOO GOOD. Daddy. GET TICKETS HERE NOW! SexPot-in-the-City (1)