Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 8.27.44 AM Pabst Blue Ribbon – Exclusive Domestic Beer Partner of Moogfest 2014! Moogfest_squareish_Logo-02[7]  ASHEVILLE, NC  – Moogfest is pleased to announce Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) as the official domestic beer partner. Moogfest 2014 is a five-day festival celebrating the intersection of music, art, innovation and technology in downtown Asheville, North Carolina, from April 23-27. Dedicated to the entrepreneurial spirit of Bob Moog, the innovative founder of Moog Music, Moogfest brings musical, cultural, artistic and technological luminaries from around the world to Asheville.   Because 2014 is the inaugural year of the newly redesigned Moogfest, it was essential to identify partners that share in the festival’s spirit of invention and entrepreneurship. Pabst Blue Ribbon has been a recognizable beer brand in the United States for well over a hundred years. The company’s philosophy that of Moogfest, as PBR continues to be committed to authenticity, revitalization and innovation. The brand’s resurgence in popularity in the early 2000s was thanks in large part to a new generation who sought it out, just as new generations continue to seek out the instruments Bob Moog created and Moog Music continues to produce and expand upon.   Said Rob Reilly, Field Marketing Manager for Pabst Blue Ribbon, “We are beyond excited to partner with Moogfest for the 2014 festival. Bob Moog was a pioneer in his field and we believe the core values that bind his legacy mirror that of our own. As the largest American owned beer company we strive to foster the creative spirit and authenticity that defines what it means to be an American original. We look forward to enjoying a cold PBR with you in what is sure to be an exciting and memorable Moogfest!”     About Moogfest:   Since 2004, Moogfest has been a gathering for the musicians that worked closely with Bob and his instruments. In 2014, Moogfest is amplifying its vision and becoming a 5-Day event dedicated to the synthesis of technology, art and music. Moogfest honors the inventiveness of Bob Moog and the legacy of the analog synth with an experimental line up of daytime conference programming and landmark nightly performances. Moogfest takes place April 23-27th, 2014 in downtown Asheville, NC. For tickets and more information visit   About Moog Music:   Moog Music is the leading producer of analog synthesizers in the world. The company and its customers carry on the legacy of its founder, electronic musical instrument pioneer, Dr. Bob Moog. The company hosts Moogfest, a five-day festival celebrating the intersection of music and technology in honor of Moog’s innovative spirit. All of Moog’s instruments are hand built in its factory on the edge of downtown Asheville, NC. Learn more at Moogfest_Announcement_1_30_3[14]