artcansmall_blogJosh Holland is a Denver-based artist with a natural proclivity for creation, illustration and animation. His work is distinguished by inspired character design, high-energy line work, hand-drawn typography, and a youthful sense of wonder for the world around us. Pabst Blue Ribbon has always been Josh Holland’s beer of choice, whether working on his latest project or hanging out at his favorite bar. Over the past few years, Josh submitted several pieces to the PBR art contest. Impressed by all of his work, we began working with him on a number of different projects, including art-inspired tap handles, shirts and koozies. Now, thanks to our recent collaboration, you can see his artwork anywhere Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys are sold. We are proud to present Josh Holland as the featured artist for the inaugural PBRART can. Think you can do better? Visit our Art section to submit your design for the limited edition 2015 Pabst Blue Ribbon Art Can.  It’s always been your beer. Now make it your can. Checkout more of Josh’s work on his website.