pbrscout poster resized Are you tired of drinking PBR and not earning merit badges for your efforts? Do you feel your Pabst loyalty is going unrewarded? Do you want to brag to everyone on social media about your love for PBR by using the hashtag #PBRCanScouts? Well if you live near Charlotte, NC you are in luck because that is the test market for our very first ever PBR Can Scout troop and you can do all of these things (and more!) Throughout the year we will be releasing 12 limited edition PBR Can Scout merit badges. Each merit badge is limited to 100 total and #rare as fuck. No merit badge will be repressed or re-released – EVER. They are designed by local Charlotte artists and patch enthusiasts – so they are all extremely rad. Earning them is simple (if you live in Charlotte). Follow @SippinPabst on Twitter – the locations of spots where you can earn a merit badge will be announced randomly – so pay close attention. Most of the merit badges will be released at PBR sponsored events throughout the year and all you have to do is find the troop’s “Six-Packmaster” and ask him for one. Boom. Badge earned. Now I know some of you will probably try to slang these things on eBay (vultures), but what you should do is hold on to them. Why? Because if you collect a certain amount you will be granted access to some bonus patches / badges and random swag at the end of the year. Pretty dope right? Let’s recap: Step 1. Follow @SippinPabst on the Tweetbox Step 2. Show up at officially sanctioned #PBRCanScouts events and collect these limited edition badges Step 3. ??? Step 4. Profit