It’s time to say happy birthday to the greatest country on earth.

From Wednesday (7/1) to Sunday (7/5), we’ll be celebrating the Fourth of July by offering major discounts on our online shop.

Not good enough? Okay. As a gift to you, we’ll also be giving away some of the items for FREE each day.  Be sure to find your way to our website this week so we can formally say “happy birthday to you, America!”


– Each day we’ll be hiding different gifts all around our site

– Find one and click on it to unwrap your birthday gift

– A window will appear with the item and the discount code for our store

– Enter that special daily discount code when you check out of our store to redeem your discount

– Here’s a link to our store:


– Wednesday (25% OFF):  Beach Umbrellas, Beach Towels, Beach Bags, and Bikinis

– Thursday (30% OFF): Metal Buckets, Heritage Serving Tray, and Illuminated Clocks

– Friday (40% OFF): Lunch Boxs, Head bands, and Slap Bracelets

– Saturday (50% OFF): All T-shirts, and all headwear

– Sunday (20% OFF): Gift Cards

ADDITIONAL INFO (for those visual learners)