The Great American Beer Festival is not only about sampling quality beer, but is also a beer competition where breweries enter their beers to be judged by the festival’s professional judging panel. The Professional Judge Panel awards gold, silver or bronze medals that are recognized around the world as symbols of brewing excellence. Five different three-hour judging sessions take place over the three-day period during the week of the festival in which judges are assigned beers to evaluate in their specific area of expertise and never judge their own product or any product in which they have a concern.

We are very proud to take home three of the most prestigious awards at the festival… 

GABF Award 2016-6GABF Award 2016-4

1.) Pabst Blue Ribbon won the Gold Medal for Best American-Style Lager

2.) Pabst Brewing Company won 2016 Best Brewery of The Year in the Large Brewing Company Category

3.) Our very own Master Brewer, Greg Deuhs, won 2016 Best Brewer of The Year in the Large Brewing Company Category

Crack open a cold PBR and enjoy the taste of victory! 

GABF Award 2016-2