Want to win a pair of limited-edition #PBRvans? Unknown-2                 Now through September 12th, we’re offering you a chance to find them and win them through social media. There are a few ways to win in this game of finders keepers. Here’s how:   WIN ON OUR SITE Every friday, we will be hiding a few pairs on our site for our fans to claim. Once we’ve hidden them, we’ll announce it via @pabstblueribbon on Twitter. The first to find these few pairs of hidden #PBRvans, wins them. It’s that simple.   ANOTHER WAY TO WIN Our PBR Team will be hiding a few pairs in select cities on select days. Be sure to follow the account in your area to get clues on when and where the #PBRvans will be hidden. If you find them, you get to keep them.   Here’s a list of our PBR Team for your reference: PABST EAST Woody Coheley (Atlanta) @PBR_USA Matt Sievers (Milwaukee) @Pabst_Milwaukee Rob Reilly (Charlotte): @SippinPabst Dave Kasper (Philadelphia): @PBRNortheast Anthony Spina (Chicago): @PabstChicago Mic Wesson (Columbus): @PabstOhio Chris Trott (Boston): @PBR_Boston Brit Parry (New York): @pbr_brooklyn Jason Carroll (Philadephia): @PBRPhilly Chris Molloy (Baltimore): @PBR_Bmore Seamus Gallagher (Tampa/Orlando): @PBR_FLA Caroline Sabatino (Atlanta): @pbratl Alex Pean (Asheville): @PBR_NC Jillian Davis (Miami): @PBRMiami   PABST WEST Adam Humbert (Huntington Beach): @PBR_SoCal Matt Slessler (Portland): @PBRmatt Stephanie Morrison (Seattle): @PBRlife Bryan Whalen (San Francisco): @PBR_SF Brock Lukaszewicz (Los Angeles): @PBRSoCal Kelly Wilson (Phoenix): @pbrphoenix Andrew Heard (Denver): @PBRdenver Shira Yevin (Los Angeles): @PBRlala Craig Drehmel (Minneapolis): @pabstTC Dave Aholt (St Louis): @PBR_StLouis Terry Fagan (Austin): @ATX_PBR Melissa Heath (Houston): @pbrhtx Brandon Dana (Dallas/Fort Worth): @pbr_dfw Steve Nilsen (Denver): @stixaround Kendra Wilson (San Antonio): @LoneStarSA