Pabst Blue Ribbon is thrilled to partner with our 2018 Sound Society Artist, Bosco, on her music journey as she releases her latest project. Starting this month, she is rolling out a 7 song project which kicked off with an industry preview night at our brand home, 1700 Naud in LA. The full album will be released 4/1. 

Check out the first of two those releases, Paid In Full + Piano Song: 

Bosco‘s interactive listening experience was a first look into the process and mind of an true multidisciplinary artist. This intimate experience was curated by Bosco highlighting the imagery and sound that brought this body of work to life.

This 7-song visual project narrates stories of growth and realization in-between destinations and life transitions. This body of work focuses on how everything is connected to the purpose of your journey that eventually in the end everything will add up and make sense. Trust the process of evolution knowing that you are guided by spirit and vision. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.

Video directed by: Bosco + William C. Nixon

Photos by: jawsh.g + Sos Adame