Contest Tips

For the Past 6 years Pabst Blue Ribbon has proudly featured artist’s designs on our cans. By 2020 we will have featured artist’s work on over 300 million cans!! Now it’s your opportunity to etch your name into the history books. We understand that this can be a confusing and daunting process, so we created a set of tips to help explain the process. Please take a read below and hopefully this will answer any questions you may have. Don’t forget, the contest ends at 12pm on January 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PT) and incomplete Entries are void.

  1. Contestant must be 21+ to enter. There are NO exceptions.
  2. Think outside of the box. Take some chances. We are always excited to re-envision the PBR art can to expand the look and feel of our brand.
  3. Ultimately, be true to yourself and stay in-line with your style and ethos. When selecting a winner, we are ultimately investing in YOU!
  4. Make sure the brand logo feels prominent enough to be recognizable on shelves or in a dimly-lit bar.
  5. The logo needs to stay in brand colors (blue ribbon, white text, red stripe).
  6. Keep your design to a max of 6 colors with silver being the 7th color.
    a. Silver is the aluminum of the can and thus it’s a 7th color (no ink used with the aluminum showing through)
  7. Feel free to tweak our logo but remember it still needs to be recognizable to consumers.
    a. Take a look at the past art can winners to see how far the logo has been adjusted
  8. A vector AI file is preferred but a high res PSD (at least 300 dpi) can work. We can vector it ourselves.
  9. If designing in Photoshop, please provide a high resolution, layered PSD file as large as possible (preferably 14 x 20.25, 300dpi or larger)
    a. The art can template is just a guide. You are not required to submit your art with the template.
    b. In order for print production all files must be vectored, so ultimately its best to provide vector file if possible
    c. Once again, be sure to save your layered file!!! If you win, we will need this.
  10. No controversial or offensive imagery. We are excited for artists to push creative boundaries, but keep in mind winning art will be on the shelves in stores for everyone to see and do not want to offend consumers.
  11. The contest ends January 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM (PT). Nothing after that time will be valid.
  12. When entering your design via the website, don’t forget to add your Instagram handle in the prompt. You do want us to tag you if we post it right??
  13. Have fun, it’s art after all.