We are giving away $30,000 in cash prizes…Help us reimagine American Traditions for your chance to win! Nothing brings families and friends together like the holidays; celebrating traditions, both old and new, is what makes America and the holiday season so special. What makes them even more memorable? Enjoying a timeless Pabst Blue Ribbon with your loved ones. Make a short video that showcases your take of an American Tradition, and how enjoying a PBR makes it one of a kind. We want you to pick one of the four label designs from our American Traditions Collection and create a 30-45 second full length video that shows your unique take on that tradition. To capture the essence of what the Pabst American Traditions Collection stands for, think about the following: what are your American traditions? Are they football on Sundays with friends? Enjoying a delicious beer by the fire in a snowy cabin? Watching your dad carving a delicious turkey? Or celebrating your bowling leagues big win with cold beer and friends? Whatever your traditions are, we want you to show America’s traditions by bringing one of our stories to life. Show your passion for PBR and how it makes your life authentic by reimagining a story from our limited edition American Traditions Collection!   For full contest details, please visit: American Traditions Collection Contest.