You know that song The Twelve Days of Christmas? Well, the gifts in that song sucked, so we’re doing 12 Days of Cool Sh*t from PBR. From Monday, December 7 to Friday, December 18, we’re offering 15-50% off select items on our PBR store. To make it even more interesting, we’ll be giving away some of these items FOR FREE everyday… From trucker hats to snowboards to dartboards. Check back to our site every day to unwrap your daily package. What will you have a chance to win? Cool shit… we already told you! How it works: — Everyday we are hiding PBR gifts all around our site — Find one and click on it to unwrap your package — A window will appear with the item and the discount code for our store — Enter that special daily discount code when you check out of our store to redeem your discount   Here’s a link to our store: PBR Store    This is the “hidden” PBR gift that you’ll be looking for: Unknown1-300x300   How it’ll work – Just in case, you need to see it again: pbr-blogpost3