Do503 and PBR Present: PDX Music Showcase Ft. Skulldiver, The Hugs, Space Shark
Date: April 12th 
Time: 8:30PM
Join Do503 and PBR for a night of amazing local talent and beer: That’s all you really want isn’t it? 
Throughout 2017, Do503 X Pabst Blue Ribbon is supporting kick ass Portland artists and our growing music scene through the PDX Music Showcase. We’re inviting artists that we love to play shows in a quarterly showcase at different venues across town. Are you in a band? Hit for a chance to be featured.

Purchase tickets for $6 and RSVP on for a Happy Hour hosted by PBR for first hour.
All Proceeds Benefit The Musicians

Featuring some of our favorite up and coming artists from around town, we’re excited to party the night away with you.